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Crop Burner: The Tale Of Fearn & The Deamhon 

Imagine what it would be like if you closed your eyes and could see the souls in every living thing. If you realized that you could consume these souls for immense power, would you do so with selfish or benevolent intentions?

Fearn faces that challenge while surrounded by images of its destructive nature. Bestowed with immense power, desperate for acceptance, but naive of the power of prejudice, Fearn uses his abilities to try to sway the villagers that he can heal not harm. Shunned by his family and village, he stumbles upon an unlikely mentor who leads him on a path to redemption - but, in order to gain this absolution, he will have to push the boundaries of his powers and use his skills as a Teller of Tales in order to avenge his mentor. In the end, Fearn discovers for himself the immense cost of loyalty, love, and truth.

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Upward Ever bestseller

Upward Ever: Chelsea's Way To Freedom/La Liberté De Chelsea: Α bilingual children's book in English and French

English-French Bilingual book for children. Perfect for kids learning English or French as their second language.

After surviving a car accident at the age of 5, Chelsea’s life changed forever! Chelsea discovered her mobility would be restricted to a wheelchair and so she started to learn that life in her world will be different.
Lexi became Chelsea’s best friend as she watched Chelsea progress with her recovery after the accident, and spent years at her sister’s side cheering her through every bit of success that came Chelsea’s way.
Chelsea and Lexi adopted Roxy from the local pet shelter and together they built their own little world of fun as they enjoyed every spare moment making Roxy the happiest little puppy in the world.
The sight of Roxy getting injured crushes Chelsea's self-esteem as she is reminded of her limitations. However, the love from her family gives her strength as she watches Roxy recover.
When Chelsea tried making new friends, she was shunned. With love from her parents and support from her school, Chelsea finds her way into a newfound friendship with Ella!
This book is about Chelsea’s triumphs and how she learns to adapt mentally while being challenged with her physical limitations.

Les Lumières d’Orient 

Un homme échoué sur une plage, un mystérieux accident, une épopée à découvrir. Lucide, parfois égaré, mais surtout amoureux de la vie, qui est ce voyageur infatigable qui a tout abandonné derrière lui? À travers son journal, il nous embarque dans une fabuleuse aventure au bout du monde dans un Orient qui fascine. Paysages rares, cités mythiques, rencontres savoureuses, son voyage est une expérience. Elle raconte la métamorphose d’un homme en prise avec les ambiguïtés de la quête et de la fuite, à la frontière entre lumière et ténèbres.

Quiconque rêve de partir pour sa propre odyssée peut toujours faire le premier pas avec celle d’un autre. Il reste toutefois une question essentielle à laquelle nous devons répondre avant de prendre le large. Sommes-nous prêts à tracer notre voie sans regarder derrière nous?

Soulmate mantra_amazon bestseller

The Soulmate Mantra: Women's Guide To Finding Love

When we hear the word ‘Soulmate’ it rings the bell of a beautiful fairytale, Isn’t it? What if I told you that this fairytale can be your reality? And this book will help you manifest your Soulmate and create your own fairytale. All you have to do is to look within than just searching outside… “The Soulmate Mantra” is a hands-on guidebook for women to understand that love is not something that resides outside of us, instead, we need to discover that love within.

This book is enriched with my personal experiences as well as experiences of my clients who were able to find love by following the principles mentioned in this book. It has easy, applicable mantras and descriptions of the different aspects of ourselves which when we integrate within ourselves helps create a path to bring us closer to our Soulmate. This book will help you understand all the obstacles and blocks that is withholding you from experiencing the love that you have always desired. As you finish reading this book you will realize that it is not just a guide to manifest your soulmate but a journey that will bring in personal transformation, and would result in not only bringing in your Soulmate but living a more fulfilled life, with love, freedom, and joy.

The Awakening: Fear, Freedom, and Vaccines 

The Pandemic has brought a new reality to all of us. People have experienced loss in unimaginable ways. Some of the real pain and harm from the lockdown is being censored and screened out. Much of it is losing our basic rights to freedom. The question that got shot down for over a year is why and how did this happen and who is responsible? How did the world quickly spiral almost out of control with the global lockdowns? Or is the tech and pharma companies behind it? Why is mainstream media supporting all this with daily narratives? Are they all intertwined?

This book looks at the track record of pharmaceutical industry lawsuits, the companies, we are supposed to trust, their powerful influence, how science and government-created more pandemonium than pandemic and did not protect our vulnerable. Why some of the so-called conspiracy theories in 2020 are no longer conspiracies? Why have 45K medical practitioners signed a declaration disagreeing with ‘the science’? The wearing of masks, suppression of existing therapeutics and whether or not there is evidence that warranted a global lockdown and an initiative to vaccinate the globe with an experimental vaccine… So there has been a realization–a wokeness–an awakening for everyone witnessing panic, experiencing fear, science, and political powers flip-flopping making hypocrisy look like the new normal while freedom was taken from all of us.

Yes, Covid19 is real. There is a roadmap that appears to further erode our freedom and civil rights. What is the real agenda & what’s really at stake here?

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Unity Is Strength: The Triumph Of The Wild Animals

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful animal kingdom in the forest, where all the animals lived happily under the reign of their King. A wise fox was the minister to the king. On the other hand, there lived a gang of ferocious and destructive wild elephants at the end of the forest. One day, as the king was conducting a meeting with his kingdom, minister fox informed that king that there is a parrot couple that needs his assistance in building a safe nest for their newborn babies. The King advised them to fly north and build a nest on a strong banyan tree. All the animals helped them build a safe nest to lay eggs.As they were getting ready to celebrate the birth of the newborn babies, the jealous elephant gang planned on stealing the babies by attacking the nest. Grab your copy to learn more about what happened next??

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The Allergens Are Rejected: Find Out WHY?

Mush, a Peanut-Butter Sandwich, that gets thrown out of the school. All sad and confused, he was wondering as to why he is no more allowed in the school? He looks around and to his surprise, he is not alone. Mush, along with his other confused Allergen friends visit Dr. Helpovic, a food scientist, to find out why? Will they find the answers after meeting Dr. Helpovic? Let's find out!!

The Remnant: God's Call to Restoration through Prayer and Effective Leadership

Upon careful examination of the story of Nehemiah, many of my personal life’s lessons, leadership principles learned so far and prayer points that made me who I am today. I have decided to pen down all my experiences and learnings in this book to help people just like me who have achieved triumph through the power of prayers. Get ready to understand this hidden gem tucked away in the Old Testament, in greater depth. You won’t be sorry you made the investment. Your walk with Christ will be enriched.In this book, you will learn that your brokenness is never wasted. God's prophetic promises still stand and you can fulfil them. AMEN!

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Re-Engineer Yourself: The Only Person Standing In Your Way Is YOU

If you are struggling with the feeling that you are not good enough, lovely enough, smart enough, or deserving enough “Reengineer Yourself - The only person standing in your way is “YOU” should be at the top of your reading list.
Why? Simply because, “Reengineer Yourself” offers you an invitation to embrace yourself with all your pain, fear and anxieties, and it will help you step lightly yet firmly on the path of understanding secret recipes of compassion. The book will remind you that no matter how wounded you are, you can choose to belong in life again. The only person standing in your way is “YOU” is in an invitation to heal your painful life by accepting your hearts and thoughts to stand up.

The Align’d Approach: Unlock Your Ultimate High-Performance Capacity

Through working with thousands of clients for over two decades Dana and Sheryl have come to understand that the answers live somewhere else. They believe that the answers come alive in the chemistry of our bodies and brains when our movement and mindset are aligned and optimized. There is a mathematical formula to get you back on track and up-level your high-performance capacity. Often small adjustments will make all the difference. Our posture and movement speak volumes and first impressions create lasting imprints.

anyome can lead bestseller2

Anyone Can Lead: You Don't Need A Title To Be A Leader

Are you a Leader?
If the answer is NO, I can confidently tell you, you may be WRONG. Why? Because whether you like it or not, everyone of us needs to play a leadership role in some part of our lives, it could be work, it could be home, or it could be as simple as organizing an event or managing a dinner party.
So, you simply don’t have a choice! Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them. Now, the big question is, do you want to improve your leadership, so as to create more impact and touch people's lives?
The good news is anyone can be a great leader if he/she learns the timeless leadership principles and follow them in their lives.

Lokhi And I

At age eight, Lokhi left her poverty-stricken village in the Sunderbans, and came to the bustling metropolitan of Delhi to begin her new life, as a full-time domestic worker. Like the estimated 4.2-10 million domestic workers currently working in India, Lokhi is unrecognized as an actual worker protected by the law. After silently putting up with unregulated work conditions and mercurial employers for over a decade as a domestic worker, Lokhi didn't think that her story was important. Through Lokhi's story—her struggles, her relationships and her hopes—this book shatters the silence and exposes the dark reality of what it means to be a domestic worker in India.


Bitcoin: The Unstoppable Force

Gen-Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers:Everyone stands to gain...Bitcoin: The Unstoppable Force informs and enlightens, simplifying complex concepts inherent to Bitcoin and Blockchain.Despite being the very fabric of society, ‘money’ has never been taught in our school systems. Why is this? On the cusp of a monetary revolution, take it upon yourself to learn what the powers at be have been hiding.Principles learned from the past will guide us, preparing for the future.

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Emotional Intelligence: The Art Of Mastering Your Emotions

Emotional intelligence is a necessary quality to become your best in your personal as well as professional relationships. What if you learn the skills that will make you more proactive, engaging with others, and learning to manage your energy levels, relationships, and other people. The skills of Emotional Intelligence show you exactly how to do these things and how to develop the insight and confidence to handle your own and others' expectations and emotions effectively. Developing Emotional Intelligence is the biggest key to overcoming negative emotions, such as anxiety and fear. Understanding your emotions will allow you to control your emotional state, including fear and anxiety.

No Oil Cooking: Eat Healthily! Live Strong!

Eating a healthy diet is far from simple, simply because we humans are very complex beings. We may have it in the back of our minds that we are eating to fuel our bodies, but we actually make the majority of our food choices based on our enjoyment factor.  Well!! what if I tell you that you can still choose a healthy option? You just need to avoid one thing, and that is “OIL” Don’t worry, I am not telling you to eat bland food or make your mind to switch to eating boiled food only. No Oil cooking is not magic... You just need to know the techniques which will lead you to cook great and yummy food without compromising on taste...


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