A Fractured Love Story: Scandalous Tragedy. Heartbreak. New Beginnings.

A Fractured Love Story: Scandalous Tragedy. Heartbreak. New Beginnings.

A Fractured Love Story tells of a fated meeting of two soul mates from different worlds who instantly form a powerful bond of love.
Their “Big-Fat Indian” wedding was the talk of the hour for the many that attended. A dreamy affair to say the least. And the couple, radiantly happy, looked forward to an idyllic future of marital life.

One Monday morning Bunny kissed his wife goodbye and left to catch a work flight to travel North, with a promise to be back home after three days. On Wednesday afternoon, she received a call from Bunny’s office – he had not shown up to his scheduled appointments. She was surprised and worried. She repeatedly called him on his mobile phone which went unanswered. She began panicking as she could not locate Bunny.

Finally, on a Friday afternoon, the police knocked on her door to say they had found a man matching her husband’s description. They then gently told her he was no more. Her entire world came crashing around her, turning her numb with shock and grief.
Nevertheless, even worse and far more devastating news awaited her as she traveled North to bring her Bunny home

My readers say...

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The most that I enjoyed about the book was it was written by heart. All the aches and pains she went through the tragedy that she experienced. How she got her strength and confidence over the tragedy. Would recommend everyone to read it. It was real experience of life.
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I loved how Kartika showed her everlasting love to Bunny, a truly entertaining and captivating read. A head over-heels love story that turned into a tragedy who role models 'Love Conquers All'. I couldn't put the book down- a really amazing read.
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Bow to the Queen!!! The author poured her heart out and soul on to this book. Her raw emotions that as you go on reading you can feel the pain and anguish but it’s nothing compared to what she went through… My far one of the best book I’ve read. Kartika, you are such a strong person and should be sooo proud of yourself. I recommend this book to everyone. This showcases courage, resilience, rage, heartbreak, shock, disbelief and many more emotions. This book will definitely help me in my journey so thank you with all my heart. I pray for strength, peace and happiness for you always. Love, Rani
Siew Ang
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I met the author of A Fractured Love Story during a welcome dinner on a recent holiday in New Zealand in September 2022. She introduced herself as Kitty. We became friends and halfway through the holiday Kitty told us she lost her husband . Kitty also mentioned she had moved on and that she is writing a book. I respected her privacy and waited patiently to read her book . I finally had the chance to read A Fractured Love Story over Christmas . I can fully empathised with Kitty as she went through the whole ordeal mentally and emotionally . There was a lot of love and respect that Kitty had shown for Bunny , giving him the farewell that he deserved amid the circumstances of his passing . I admire the context of Kitty’s book that she had found in her heart to forgive Bunny and moved on . A Fractured Love Story shows a courageous young woman who had gone though hell and back . Kitty's book is inspirational . I applaud Kitty for penning in her thoughts and experience into a great book to share with others . Keep writing and keep smiling Kitty !
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This book is a must read for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one, this author is inspirational and a brilliant teacher of some ways to accept such a life changing experience and keep moving xx
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This is a fantastic read. The author has written a raw, emotional account of the lost of her husband under traumatic circumstances. I highly recommend this inspirational book.

About the Author

Jeffrey Lee was born in 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His love for stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson series ignited his kinship with the fantastical world and his passion for storytelling.
He often found comfort in those fantastical characters, and soon developed a passion for creating his own at a very young age, though it would be a long while before any of these saw the light of day. As he began to discover the kind of person he wanted to be, he grew a passion for these ideas and how they could help others in the way stories helped him.
With encouragement from friends and family and his long path of self-discovery and identity, he found
his passion and this led to his debut novel Empire of Strings: The Space Between Souls, where he explores the themes of identity and self-discovery and their ever-changing nature and perception.
If he isn’t working or writing, he can often be found gaming or drawing.