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About The Author Mallika Sothinathan

Mallika is the Director of New Horizon Media Arts. After obtaining a Masters in Mass Communication from Mass Communication Research Center Delhi, she worked in the Indian TV industry with channels like Zee and ETV. Mallika migrated to Canada in 1999 and became a Canadian citizen but still maintained a deep connection to India. After working 19 years in retail, Mallika gained a wide range of experience including 7 years of operation management and 12 years in planogram, data design, and analytics.

In 2017, Mallika returned to media production. With her fluency in four South Asian languages, she completed a feature-length documentary on the domestic workers of India called “Crossing the River of Life”. The film touches on their daily struggle, violence, human trafficking, and empowerment. Working on the film inspired Mallika to become more involved as an activist in advocating for women and children’s rights. She is currently enrolled in the Social Service Worker Program. When she isn’t busy with schoolwork, she loves to write, travel and has a passion for public speaking.

What inspired you to write this book?

When I was filming “Crossing the River of Life”, my documentary about Indian domestic workers, I talked to a lot of people to get the big picture of what domestic workers face in India. But I wanted to focus on the story of one person. The person who inspired me to start the documentary. Lokhi. I wanted to share things about Lokhi that hadn’t made it into the documentary- her past, and more about her life- things that I felt were important enough to be shared

What will your readers gain from your book?

With this book, my hope was to give readers, from any walk of like, a deep human connection to the issue of domestic workers in India. With Lokhi’s story as the main focus, reader get more detailed information of  laws, history and even the daily life of domestic workers.

What was your unique quotient for this project?

A lot of the writing happened while I was editing my documentary. As I watched through the clips that I had recorded with my editing team, I always found myself telling them what happened behind the scenes. Things that I couldn’t capture on capture.

Those little behind-the-scenes moments helped me create an outline that kept me on track with writing the book.

How did becoming an author helped in your business?

Having a book published has given me credibility. It has established me as a person who is dedicated to researching and sharing important stories. With a book in hand, I feel more confident when submitting my film or even other business ideas because I have shown that I can take an idea and make it a reality.

What are your future plans as an author?

The main plan is to share my first book -Lokhi’s story- to an even wider audience because the subject matter is close to my heart. In the future, I hope to collect and share more important stories that can teach people about social issues.