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Why to Fit In, When You are Born to Stand Out

This is one of my favorite quotes, and it’s how I relate to branding. Branding is a big, amorphous topic. It encapsulates design, language, strategy, and relationships. Branding has a lot of moving parts, but it’s energy is internal. People are interested in personal branding because they want to stand out. The status quo does not fulfill them.

We build brands to stand out.

Don't Wait for Opportunity, Create It!!

We all have dreams of a better life, things we want to do or achieve. But so many of us are still waiting for the perfect moment – the money, the right time, the ideal place, and so many of these dreams will remain just that. Many people will give up these dreams and say, “It will never happen for me anyway,” and sadly many of them will be right.

Don't let that be you... Take action today!

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achive It

Many ideas and dreams seem crazy when you first think of them, but they’re actually not. They’re innovative ideas that are ahead of their time, that break all the rules and stereotypes, and that involves a new way of seeing things. In order to achieve them.

It’s necessary to be brave in the face of obstacles, but also to have hope that will keep you moving forward.

Susmita Dutta

Susmita started her career as an editor with Macmillan publishers. For the past 10 years, She had worked with world’s leading publishing houses like Oxford university press, Cambridge university press, Wolters Kluwers and many more. She has managed end-to-end production of more than 500 books so far.
She is now the founding partner of global book publishing where she helps authors in making their dream book become a reality.

Publishing Consultation- Book publishing can be a confusing world for those not acquainted with the business, and it often leaves aspiring authors feeling like outsiders looking in. As your publishing consultant, I will demystify the publishing process for you and share my insights as to the best strategies and approaches to attract the attention of top agents and editors. Together, we’ll discuss your goals for your writing career and for your specific book project(s). After assessing your work, I will provide honest, constructive feedback and together we’ll create a detailed plan to help you dream of becoming an author a reality.

Ask Me Anything-If you’re eager to learn more about the world of book publishing, but don’t have time to sift through unreliable websites and outdated guidebooks, I’m happy to connect by phone in a half-hour or hourlong call to answer all your questions about the industry. After working with many Authors and fielding countless questions from aspiring authors, I’ve learned what information is most essential to equip you with as you start on your path to publication. I will answer questions such as how to identify the right format for your book, how to fast-track your writing, what are the different parts of the editorial assistance your book might need, how to craft a positioning statement for yourself, how to build a marketing platform which will ensure the success of your book after it is published, and more.

This can also be a beneficial service if you are mid-process in submitting your work, or if you already have a book under contract. If you feel confused or concerned about your project, I can provide perspective and sound guidance based on 10+ years of experience working with the world’s best traditional publishers. I will provide the advice you can trust, and our conversations will always be kept confidential.

Our Skills & Expertise

Global Book Publishing is your one-on-one publishing solution. We understand that your book is your life. Your book is an investment, many long hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into its creation. We’ve been helping many writers per year become published authors, with many returning to publish their second and even third books. We’re right by your side to help turn your hard-earned manuscript into a published book. In the supported self-publishing arena, our experience and expertise is unmatchable. From day one, our abiding principle has been that authors should have control over their work. We still live by that standard today as we strive to help authors each month to publish their work just as they first imagined when they started writing a book.