Amazon Author Page Creation

Author Central account on Amazon is a place often forgotten by authors. We tend to focus on the book-page items and overlook everything else. But Amazon provides this page to authors which incorporates a number of strategic ways to not only promote your current book (and any backlist titles you have) but also gives you another place to incorporate your Amazon book keywords.

Think of your Author Central account as your second website, or if you don’t have a website yet, your saving grace!

Be sure to fill in as much information as you can and don’t forget to include your photo.  To maximize this valuable sales tool, you will want to link to your Twitter account, and if you have a blog…which I hope you do, please be sure to sync that up as well.  Both of these tools will keep your author page active, every time you post a blog or send out a Tweet. 

It can take 3-5 days for your page to appear on Amazon, so be patient.