Bee Berry: A Lesson in o-BEE-dience

Bee Berry

A Lesson in o-BEE-dience


How important is it to obey all those rules your momma has? Can anything bad actually happen if you don’t?
Barnabee Honeycutt is a good little bee. He loves his family and tries his best to behave, but sometimes it isn’t easy to do. One day, he has to make a tough choice.

Join Barnabee as he has to learn a lesson of O-Bee-dience the hard way.

About the Author

Who am I?

Foster momma with 6 kiddos ..all ages 7 and under ..yes you read that correctly

Married my hero, my RN husband

Breeder of Bernedoodles

I run on Jesus and Coffee

and most recently, a published author who needs a fan base of followers. I want to give you books that let you escape life, even briefly. Whether that be an escape from extreme stress, an annoying boss, or just 10 minutes of alone time to ReSet 🙂 I want to be that for you. This has been my dream since I was 9 years old and the boxcar children did it for me!

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Among the adult material, this was an easy and fun read that teaches a meaningful lesson and that is to not only hear, but to pay attention and listen!
Tiffany Cates
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My 3 year old and 5 year old received Bee Berry: A Lesson in o-BEE-dience for Christmas and absolutely LOVE this book. It’s one of their most requested books for us to read and as a mama I love to use it as a fun way to remind them how important obedience truly is. Savanna is a wonder author and I cannot wait for her next children’s book!
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This book is a fun read about a great lesson. He may not see why his mama's rules are necessary, but through a wild journey away from home, he comes to understand. My youngest loves when I read her this book. 🐝
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It takes a lot to get on so many different age levels. Looking forward to reading Bee Berry!
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All 6 of my kids love this book
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This book has a wholesome story, excellent colored illustrations, and activity pages!