Created in Love

Created in Love

The Greatest Artist at Work


One day the Greatest Artist decided to paint a picture. It was bright white with everything outlined in black. Each time He looked at it, He decided more was needed.
First color was added, then sound, and finally touch. The last time He looked at His painting, He said, “Now the world is beautiful.”
In a world filled with racism, this book is a simple way to get young and old readers alike to understand the beauty of color and different races. All are equal and loved!
This book is filled with…

About the Author

Jessica Turk has always enjoyed writing. She is a believer in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She grew up on a small family farm and loves the simple blessings in life such as color, sounds of nature, and the sensations of the world around her. Jessica and her husband, Jacob, live with their animals in Northeast Wisconsin.

The inspiration for her book, Created in Love: The Greatest Artist at Work, came from her mom, who shared an idea with her. It was then laid on her heart by the Lord to take that idea and expand upon it. The end result was a beautiful children’s book that gently approached the tough topic of racism.

Top reviews

Miss Jessica Williamson
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This book is thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated. It is a great introduction to Biblical concepts that can be challenging for young minds to grasp. The message is one of inclusivity and love, which is needed in every household in these divisive times. My 8 month old son loves the beautiful imagery and will enjoy coloring the blank pages when he gets older. I have purchased several as gifts for family and friends. We will treasure this book for years to come.
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I bought a few books and can't wait to share them with my sons and some other special friends. I am happy with the quality and I love the colors on the drawings. The kids will be excited that they can color in here. The part I love the most is the message about how we are all loved and created by God, even though we have our differences. It reminds us of all that surrounds us that was created in love...sights, sounds, touch, smells and more.
Amazon Customer
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This book has everything. Beautiful colored illustrations and creative way to get children involved in the illustrations themselves. The deeper meaning though in this book is the true beauty. A definite must read. Liked it so much bought some as a gift and for church study.
Justin Morris
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Enjoyed this book emmensly. Very well written. Could tell the author really believes and cares. Am definitely recommending this book to everyone i know. Great job
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What a great book- kids will love it!
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This book has a wholesome story, excellent colored illustrations, and activity pages!

Q&A from author

What Inspired You to Write This Book?

There were a couple things involved in the inspiration of me writing this book.  First, my mom told me her vision of a children’s book. Secondly, it was laid on my heart by my Lord to take her vision and expanded upon it.

What will your readers gain from your book?

Readers will gain a simple understanding of the beauty found in color and different races.  They will come to learn that all are equal and loved.

What was your unique quotient for this project?

What makes my book unique is the repetition, rhythm, and the scripture.  Everything is broken into threes.  The Greatest Artist created color, sound, and touch.  Within each of those creations, three examples were given, and three specific details were given to each of those three examples. At the conclusion of each of these creations was that God’s people needed that too.

My book will entice readers to ask questions about God. To assist in finding the answers, I noted and quoted some scripture which pertains to my created story.

How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

Becoming an author and working with Susmita and Ash has helped me see that I have something to share with the world and should expand my brand/business into other avenues. 

What are your future plans as an author?

My future plans as an author are to: 

1- write more children’s books

2- create audiobooks

3- organize workshops for children to do activities and listen to book readings

I would love to venture into even more, but these are the areas I see myself focusing on first.