Errol's Birthday Party Kindle


Errol is a frog who lives with his mum. He always wanted a bike but his mum could not afford one.
Consequently, Errol is usually left out on a number of occasions when his friends get together and go off on their bikes.
But things are about to change at his birthday party… Read the full story to know more!! 

Errol’s Birthday Party is a fun and amusing story which will teach your child a great lesson of friendship and being kind to others. The illustrations are bright and colourful and bring the story to life.

About the Author

Richard S.T Gilliam hopes to inspire a whole new generation to discover STEM. As a young man who struggled with self-confidence, he knows the value of a gentle push toward the right path. Richard worked as a scientist in his early career and now works as a robotic engineer. Using his creativity to streamline his process brings him great joy. His love of science shines through in his motivational words and everything he does. With a goal of promoting diversity in the STEM field, he plans to engage, delight, and guide others into rewarding careers. He wonders what great things we can accomplish if we work together.

Richard relocated from Philadelphia, PA to North Carolina for college and still lives there today. He loves to cook, travel and capture breathtaking photos. He reads daily and has a deep appreciation for self-motivational books that inspire confidence. The unique blend of inspirational, motivational, and STEM-education in his writing will move young people around the world to contemplate a field they might never have considered.

Top reviews

Larry L.
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After meeting the author and hearing his story, I was inspired and led to purchase this did not disappoint. Not only was I impressed, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, my children (ages 8 and 12) enjoyed greatly! They commented that what they enjoyed the most, were the Illustrations and examples of different kids from different backgrounds, represented. They also liked the background descriptions and explanations. This book received the stamp of approval from my kids, and is Highly Recommended!
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This book is amazing and so inspiring!!! There are so many opportunities in STEM and the author did a wonderful job highlighting the different career paths. "When We Believe, We Achieve"
Bethani C.
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I like this book a lot because it tells the background of each kid that has a different ethnicity. But it also lets the readers know even if you have a different background in your life you still could be important as the next person. I really think the description about the career paths are helpful for kids to understand too. Overall great book ! My son learned a lot from this book.
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I truly enjoyed reading this book. I think it does a great job at introducing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to young children. It let's them know that all things are possible. Great exposure!
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This is a very educational and inspirational book for children, highly recommend for anyone interested in exposing their children to the variety of STEM fields!