It’s Time

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It's Time: Unleashing Your Inner Power

Unleash your potential, brace for impact, and steer your dreams into reality! Envision a life where your setbacks become setups for even greater comebacks, where your deepest pain transforms into the fiercest power propelling you forward. Life is not a distant dream—it’s possible, and it begins here.

In this immersive journey, we’ll conquer the mountainous distractions and defeat the disheartening derailments that loom over our path to success. There will be wounds, there will be hurt, but remember, these are the stepping stones that guide us toward the accomplishment of our deepest desires.

This book isn’t just a collection of words—it’s a torchlight illuminating real-life examples of triumph over turmoil. Harness its power, glean from the lessons contained within, and unleash the might of your own pain to catapult you into a future you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Above all, this is a clarion call to make your mark on the world. To leave a lasting legacy that resonates long after you’re gone. A book, a piece of art, a soul-stirring poem—whatever it may be, it will echo your existence, your courage, your determination.
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It's Time

About the Author

Dawn Brown is the definition of an overcomer. She has not only overcome everything that life has thrown her way but used those experiences to propel her to a higher level.

From sexual assaults to battling infertility, she has used her obstacles as stepping stones and used each experience to push her life forward. She is a motivational speaker who enjoys using her life to encourage others to use their pain to propel them.

Dawn lives in Canada with her husband and two children.

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What inspired you to write this book?

For a very long time I have felt like I was behind, like I didn’t fit it and that I was always too late for opportunities. After a few turns of different events I realized that I was not behind at all and that I was exactly where I needed to be in life. I wanted to encourage other women that could be feeling the same way. I wanted to let them know that they are not too late for whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish. They will be successful and their timing is perfect. 

What will your readers gain from your book?

My readers will gain insight into a new perspective. They will see things from the other side of societal timelines. The side where they do not have to rush to keep up with anyone else and they can enjoy the journey as they get closer to achieving their greatest desires. 

How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

It has helped me tremendously. It has allowed me to reach a much wider audience. I have been able to reach more women to encourage them to stop waiting and to go after everything that their heart desires. 

What are your future plans as an author?

I hope to do a book tour in North America and be able to meet some of my readers. I am also planning to release another book in the Spring of next year.