Larry Lung

Learns to Breathe


We mustn’t work to be another.
Being true, we help each other!
Deep within the body of Divy live five fantastic best friends: Barry Brain, Hannah Heart, Kai Kidney, Leslie Liver, and good ol’ Larry Lung. They all look different. They have unique jobs. And yet they work together in a truly magical manner.
One day, amidst the visceral playground’s intestinal swing set and jungle gym ribcage, Larry comes to learn how very special the heart family seems to be.

Perhaps he can help pump blood himself! But what will happen if one lone organ neglects its most important chores? That lesson will soon be learned!

A biologic parable that teaches not just science but the power of human unity, this modern classic demonstrates the importance of being true to oneself.

This book is filled with…

This book is filled with…

About the Author

Sherika Nelson is a Jamaican living in Toronto. She started writing in Primary school and wrote a series of novellas in the sixth grade which she shared with her classmates.

As a science major throughout her career as a student, a health professional, and being the godmother of three lively boys, Sherika became inspired to write a children’s book when she saw a need for biology-based children’s books.

“Larry Lung learns to breathe” is the first in the series of children’s books geared at bringing the science of the body to life and educating children on the organs of the 

Top reviews

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The book arrived in excellent condition earlier than expected. I bought it for three (3) year old niece who is just learning how to read. To say she loved it would be an understatement. We are definitely looking forward to more from Larry Lung.
Maryam S
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My kids age 5 and 7 loved the illustrations and glossy colors. The story prompted them to ask questions about why Larry lung was behaving a certain way, which was a great conversation starter. There are bonus colouring sheets in the end. Definitely a keeper!
Iman Salah
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My little one is always so excited to read this book and learn about anatomy. I really enjoy reading this book with her. Great book to get your little ones interested in STEM
Anchal Joshi
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Quick and fun read with the kids! This is an amazing book, great illustrations, 10/10 highly recommend.
Amazon Customer
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This book is a fun way to get children to understand the functions and importance of the parts of their body that they cannot see. My niece loves it because of the unusual characters and the colouring pages included at the end.
Abel Rosas
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Great story, my nephew loves it and enjoys the images in the book. Thank you for this lovely story. This book is highly recommended for children to understand a little bit about their bodies.
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Very educational and eye catching for the little ones.
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Larry Lung Learns to Breathe is a very informative story book.. it’s great not only for children but also for adults. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging - I’d strongly recommend this book.
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Amazing book! I have children and they simply adore it! I love that the characters represent different nationalities and personalities. Including a Bible, the text was heartwarming as an inspirational message. I look forward to the other books being published.
Amazon Customer
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Got my book in the mail today and what a delightful read. This book brings anatomy to life, with vivid display and imagination at play. Larry Lung is suitable for Kids and adults alike. Great read and highly recommended for parents who are looking for a way to explain some of the key functions of the human body to their kids. The worksheet is genius.


Pauly Panda

Pauly Panda is a baby panda with a lot of curiosity. He has never explored the forest he lives in, but he is timid and not sure what is out there. He does venture out one day to find out and the adventure begins.


Sadie is a very savvy and smart red fox who lives in the forest and knows the dangers. She is kind and caring and wants to be a help to the weak.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is cunning and looks for his prey anywhere he can. He is fast and when he sees another animal that he thinks he can overtake them he will.

Mama Panda

Mama Panda is a loving caring mama. She has watched over Pauly since he was born and does not want him to wander off into the forest. She is wise, protective, and loving.


What Inspired You to Write This Book?

The Lord had put the idea in my heart and my husband loved Panda bears.

What will your readers gain from your book?

I pray children and adults alike will see the love of Jesus, the value of friendship, and that we all need forgiveness.

What was your unique quotient for this project?

The unique outcome of this project has been the reaction to the story, characters, and how colorful it is.

How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

I do not have a brand or business at this time.

What are your future plans as an author?

To continue to write inspirational books for the Lord.