Mr. Bristle’s Nap: Book 1 of the Backyard Critters Adventure Series

Mr. Bristle's Nap

Book 1 of the Backyard Critters Adventure Series


Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a neighborhood like yours, there lived a caterpillar—not just any caterpillar—an Oleander Caterpillar. His name was Mr. Bristle. One day Mr. Bristle was very tired and decided to go on a trip to a faraway window to take a long nap. Along his journey, he meets up with a Raven, a Queen Ant, a Wasp, and a Wren. When Mr. Bristle finally gets to take his nap, something amazing happens! Do you want to know what happened next? Come with me and let’s go on a journey with Mr. Bristle and the Backyard Critters Adventures to find out!!

About the Author

Hi. My name is Le’Mar. (pronounced: Lay-mar) I am a new author. My book journey all began with the pandemic. It has been horrible. I have lost very good friends as I’m sure you all have. But as with most things, if you look at it from all angles, there is a positive side. For me, it’s been time to rest and as they say, “stop and smell the roses.” In a very real sense I stopped and began exploring my world; planting and observing the beautiful and interesting creation surrounding me in my own yard. One day, I was looking out the window when a weird-looking orange bristly caterpillar crawled up. I named him Mr. Bristle. I was delighted to see the miracle happening right in front of me as he move his head from side to side creating his cocoon. I watched him for days to see what changes would happened until he finally emerged into a unique creature so unlike his former self. Amazing! This was the inspiration for my book, “Mr. Bristle’s Nap.” As you read it, remember it’s loosely based on a true story. 😉

Top reviews

Edy E.
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I love everything about it! It’s a humorous story of friends who don’t look a like but support each other. It is well illustrated and printed on quality paper. I highly recommend it.
Ms P
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This is the cutest story about the life of a critter. It starts with a casual conversation with friends, on to a journey with adventures, dangers, and finally, a happy place where the journey ends. Very well written. We love it.
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I really enjoyed reading this timely story about the need for rest, frustration of not knowing what to do, but coming together to make a plan and help each other. its beautifully illustrated and I feel there are so many lovely lessons to learn from it. I can't wait for the rest of the series! thanks
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It takes a lot to get on so many different age levels. Looking forward to reading Bee Berry!
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We really enjoyed the character development. What a great start to the Backyard Critters Adventure Series. It’s such a great reminder to pay close attention to the wonderful things happening around us in nature. Can’t wait for the next book! Thanks Le’Mar!
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Great story that keeps you engaged!! It will encourage kids to get outside and explore their backyard friends! I look forward to more great reads from Le’Mar!!!