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Painful S.E.X. No More!

As a seasoned pelvic health physical therapist, Sandi Smith has aided numerous women in their quest for answers, and now, she’s bringing that expertise directly to you. This isn’t just another resource—it fills a massive information void through her years of practice.

“Painful Sex No More” is a comprehensive guide enriched with self-care routines designed not only to pave your way to pain-free intimacy but also to ignite a deeper love of self. It’s time to demystify and reclaim this vital aspect of your being. Through thoughtful practices like mindful breathing, strategic stretches, and curated tools, you’ll unlock a newfound understanding of your body.

Every element of this book—every image, link, and questionnaire—has been meticulously selected, ensuring you’re equipped with unparalleled insights. Supported by extensive research and partnerships with leading organizations, “Painful Sex No More” is your definitive guide to healing and empowerment. Ready for a transformative journey? Let’s embark together.

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Graduate of Medical College of Georgia, Physical Therapy; Pelvic Health Specialist, Yoga/Pilates Instructor

Owner: Pelvic Pro Therapy, LLC Winter Park, Florida

With over 20 years experience as a clinician Sandi offers an Insightly view into a complex condition. She has a real passion for teaching patients about their bodies and empowering them with tools and knowledge that they can use to improve their conditions. She has a particular passion for treating vaginismus, a condition that affects millions world wide. This condition brings with it shame, guilt and embarrassment. Sandi has a knack for taking the mystery out of this condition by addressing it as a biopsychosocial condition uncovering multiple layers one at a time. She reveals its complexities in a very comprehendible manner that is easy to understand with instructions that are simple to follow. Along the way, you will find instructional video links on her website, These videos compliment her book and are valuable resources for stretching, use of the pelvic wand for pelvic floor massage and abdominal release/deep breathing. You will also find links to a simple Self Care Questionnaire and the Vaginal Penetration Cognition Questionnaire which are available for free to better help you understand this condition. This is truly a book that can change your life!

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1. What inspired me to write the book?

I saw a huge information gap regarding this condition. I wanted to provide a comprehensive guidebook that was easy to follow with practical assignments that were effective. I wanted to educate patients about their body and how they can better understand this complex condition. My heart was moved by the pain, heartache, embarrassment, and shame associated with this condition. My goal was to reveal that this is a treatable condition that gets better with knowledge and applying the tools recommended.

2. What will your readers gain from your book?

My readers gain a better understanding of the complexities of this condition and how it is affected by the body, the mind, the heart and messages from our upbringing. They will gain insight into their body and the effects of stress and muscle clenching. They will hear real stories from real patients. They will be given a resource list for products, information and inspiration.

3. What was your unique quotient for this project?

Not sure exactly what this means but I will say that this book comes from my heart! The driving force behind writing it was a deep desire to ease the pain and suffering of others. Every photo, image, quote, recommendations was done with a considerable amount of consideration and foresight. Whenever I sat down to write, it was never a burden. I just let the spirit guide me to that next best resource or word. In a way, I was merely the messenger.

4. How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

I am just starting my business as of this month. I feel that it is one thing that will allow me to stand out amongst my fellow therapists. It is a badge of honor to have written and published a book. It gives me more credibility and I am proud of my accomplishment.

5. What are your future plans as an author?

I am considering how I can use this book and refine it to be more specific around the cultural aspects of this condition. Maybe looking more at how upbringing, religion, and culture play a more vital role. I would like to partner with a mental health therapist and or a spiritual person to bring it a little closer to home.