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Empire Of Strings: The Space Between Souls

To trace a memory is to look into another’s soul. But souls are dangerous things. Far more dangerous is the power to alter them.

Tracers are the foundation of Emilyn’s world. The ability to see into the soul of another and project what is found for all to see has become a staple of what it means to create art in Unity Falls. But souls work in mysterious ways. What is one’s memory is not meant to become another’s tool. When this power is abused, heroes rise.

But when the tides of the past threaten to drown the currents of the present, Emilyn will be presented with a choice. What she decides will have ramifications far beyond her as her heritage weaves a web of strings she has only just begun to unravel.

Souls work in mysterious ways, and within hers is a spark that will light a path none have ever walked. The path to an Empire of Strings.

My readers say...

D. Fox
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It is amazing to me that this is the author's first published book. Yes, there were typos and some sentence structure errors, but overall, I loved it. I'm definitely excited to read the next book. Please publish soon! It was also extremely amazing to me that he was able to reveal his characters "self talk" in such a way that I felt like all of their innermost thoughts and feelings were mine at some point in my own life. Therefore, I felt very connected to all the characters in his book. Way to go Jeffrey Lee! You certainly know how to dig deep during life's trials and tribulations. Keep "stringing stars" for us all!
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I got sucked into this story right off the bat. It is one of those books where you wish you had the power depicted in it! I thought about “the space between” often after reading it. It’s written really well (I will say there are some typos but it didn’t really bother me that much) and I found the story overall was very absorbing.
Graciela Martinez-Katz
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Author Jeffrey Lee wielded and created such a well described world of fantasy that I was able to find myself completely immersed. Surrounded by magicks and human a like, I loved the intense scenery and plot building that kept me turning the pages. A story with a message of those lost and broken souls that yearn to find strength and meaning, Lee will take you on that journey that we all have found ourselves in at one point or another. With his imagination and use of world building, he takes this struggle to an edge of your seat exciting level of suspense. The ending is definitely a cliff hanger at its best, leaving the reader craving for more. Looking forward to the sequel!
Author SLoy
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You could feel the passion in this debut from a promising author. Jeffrey puts his heart and soul onto these pages and it is evident. The opening between the MC and her father is absolutely precious. You can feel yourself their with them. The author did a great job painting you into the scenes. I look forward to seeing what else he will come up with.
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A very interesting book with an intriguing story. The writer paints a very descriptive picture of the tracers world. I enjoyed reading this book and have recommended it to others.

About the Author

Jeffrey Lee was born in 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His love for stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson series ignited his kinship with the fantastical world and his passion for storytelling.
He often found comfort in those fantastical characters, and soon developed a passion for creating his own at a very young age, though it would be a long while before any of these saw the light of day. As he began to discover the kind of person he wanted to be, he grew a passion for these ideas and how they could help others in the way stories helped him.
With encouragement from friends and family and his long path of self-discovery and identity, he found
his passion and this led to his debut novel Empire of Strings: The Space Between Souls, where he explores the themes of identity and self-discovery and their ever-changing nature and perception.
If he isn’t working or writing, he can often be found gaming or drawing.