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SHHH!: No One Really Knows The Truth

Embark on a profound journey through “SHHH! No One Really Knows the Truth,” a captivating exploration of love and resilience. Follow the intertwined stories of Summer, Destiny, Sasha, Dylan, and Sam as they navigate the complexities of life, exposing the concealed tales that lie behind closed doors. The book delves into the concealed struggles behind seemingly flawless lives, addressing infertility, marital aspirations, and abusive relationships.

“SHHH!” prompts readers to reflect on their own experiences as relatable characters grapple with authentic challenges. The narrative encourages introspection, inviting readers to ponder the significance of authenticity and the transformative moments that mold our connections. From unexpected trials to poignant triumphs, “SHHH!” unravels the hidden truths within relationships, urging you to uncover the profound realities concealed behind closed doors. Are you prepared to unveil the secrets of life’s intricate tapestry?
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About The Author

Tia Coates is a dedicated wordsmith hailing from the vibrant city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The pursuit of knowledge has always been her guiding star, and at present, she finds immense satisfaction in her educational pursuits, deriving joy from molding young minds. Beyond her professional life, Tia proudly dons the hat of a mother to Zarah and Kalani, her exceptional daughters, who continue to serve as unending sources of motivation.

Parenthood has bestowed upon her invaluable insights into the realms of love, resilience, and the intricate art of nurturing young intellects. Tia’s passion for writing has been a lifelong companion since her school days. Yet, during a period of formidable challenges, encompassing experiences like divorce and a myriad of relationships, her passion for writing was reignited. These personal struggles illuminated the transformative power of storytelling—the ability to touch hearts and inspire change through authenticity.

This book marks merely the initial chapter in Tia’s narrative voyage, and she is thrilled to have readers join her on this expedition. Together, the journey unfolds into a captivating tapestry where words seamlessly weave their enchantment, inviting readers to introspect, celebrate, and wholeheartedly embrace life’s extraordinary moments.

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What Inspired You to Write This Book?

Life experiences and lessons inspired me to write this book by raising awareness of real things that happen in relationships and prevent them from happening in my readers’ relationships. 

What will your readers gain from your book?

I want my readers to realize the grass isn’t greener on the other side as it appears to be. I want my readers to also gain that everything isn’t as it appears to be. 

What was your unique quotient for this project?

“No One Really Knows”… you never know what a person goes through behind closed doors until they tell you.

How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

Being an author gives me the flexibility I look for in my life. I love how I can write at any given time or place. I love how it’s not a set schedule. I can move at the pace I prefer.

What are your future plans as an author?

My plan as an author is to keep writing. I have so many projects I am working on and ready to release. This is just the beginning of becoming a best-selling author.