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The Sky Cries

Embark on a transformative journey with “The Sky Cries,” a literary masterpiece transcending traditional environmental discourse’s boundaries. The wordsmith Surveyor Efik weaves a tapestry of poetry that beckons both heart and mind to the forefront of the climate crisis. This isn’t just a book; it’s a call to action, a manifesto for change.

In this eloquent exploration of our planet’s plight, “The Sky Cries” eloquently decodes the complexities of climate change for the everyday reader, translating scientific jargon into a symphony of awareness. Immerse yourself in vivid narratives that unveil the profound impacts of climate change and illuminate the path towards meaningful action.

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About The Author

Surveyor Efik (not a Surveyor by profession) is a Climate Activist, Climate Poet, Author and Environmental Artist. He is the Director of Global Climate Connect based in Canada, Co-Founder of Climate Connect Initiative (formerly known as Climate Change Network Nigeria) and a member of Toronto350. org. Currently, Efik is a Canadian resident and a member of the Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network. He is a 2014 Fellow of Climate Change Governance at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and currently studying Environmental Arts and Justice at York University, Toronto, Canada. As a Climate Activist, Efik is inclined to the vision of spreading climate actions like the gospel and achieving this, according to him, lies in the pursuit of climate literacy for the vast majority of the global citizens who need to properly understand climate change in a non-scientific and less-verbose language format in order to be inspired or propelled into taking action for the climate. Thus, this underlined his mission to democratize climate change understanding to democratize climate actions. This resulted in using free-verse poetry and illustrations to simplify climate change to increase climate educational literacy and participatory involvement of most global citizens in climate-solution actions. He believes that the power of knowledge and understanding propels action. Some of his visual documentary poems include: “Things Fall Apart” and “As the Climate Changes.” The Sky Cries (focusing on promoting Understanding Climate Change Through Poetry) is his first trilogy of climate poem collections and his upcoming ones include: “Just One Tree,” which focuses on Connecting Nature and Climate Change Through Poetry and “Climate Pledge,” which focuses on Inspiring Climate Actions Through Poetry.

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What Inspired You to Write This Book?

Development studies have shown that climate action is indirectly proportional to the geometrical rates of climate impacts and awareness. The reason being inadequate understanding of climate change in a simplified and demystified language format by most of the global populace who regard climate change as being so scientific, technical and verbose in language. Thus, the inspiration to simplify and demystify its understanding using creative writing and visual arts culminated in writing a collection of climate poems in a free-verse format and juxtaposed with artworks. This unique creativity (the book) is aimed at evoking emotions, thoughts, attention and commitment of the global citizens towards taking actions for the climate. 

What will your readers gain from your book?

My readers will not only gain a better understanding of climate change but also be imbued with positive emotions, commitment and the simple personal steps to act for the climate as captured in the Buy, Read and Act (BRA) concept. The steps include signing the climate pledge affix at the back of the book, plant a tree and upload the picture/video on the website (, obtain climate pledge certificate and join the Global Climate Connect (GCC) movement, where monthly online climate class will be thought, open mic climate poetry café, climate arts exhibition and creative writing will be conducted periodically and sustainably; all to achieve our goal of democratizing climate literacy to democratize climate actions.

What was your unique quotient for this project?

The book project transcends the traditional book objectives. It entails connecting the readers from across the globe to the non-profit organizational platform (Global Climate Connect), where all their actions of tree planning and participation in the climate literacy program as explained above, will be celebrated in several social media and traditional media to further consolidate the goal of spreading climate actions like the gospel. The proceeds from the book sales will be used to fund the activities of Global Climate Connect and this is the unique quotient for this project.

How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

Just as the book is not published to end up at the reading stage but dovetailed into radiating selfless climate action from the readers. This is the same way I see my becoming an Author, not for personal gains from the book but for selfless action of leading, guiding and assisting the readers into achieving the goal of becoming responsive Climate Advocates.

What are your future plans as an author?

As an Author, my short-term plan is to publish the second and third collections of climate poems, Just One Tree and Climate Pledge respectively while the long-term plan is to establish Global Climate Connect in all the countries of the World to carry out national-level activities of the organization as elucidated above and on the website. In all, there is the cross-cutting plan of seeking volunteers to help in growing the project to achieve the goal of strengthening the capacity and capability of the global climate community.