Upward Ever

Chelsea's Way To Freedom


English-French Bilingual book for children. Perfect for kids learning English or French as their second language.

After surviving a car accident at the age of 5, Chelsea’s life changed forever! Chelsea discovered her mobility would be restricted to a wheelchair and so she started to learn that life in her world will be different.
Lexi became Chelsea’s best friend as she watched Chelsea progress with her recovery after the accident, and spent years at her sister’s side cheering her through every bit of success that came Chelsea’s way.
Chelsea and Lexi adopted Roxy from the local pet shelter and together they built their own little world of fun as they enjoyed every spare moment making Roxy the happiest little puppy in the world.
The sight of Roxy getting injured crushes Chelsea’s self-esteem as she is reminded of her limitations. However, the love from her family gives her strength as she watches Roxy recover.
When Chelsea tried making new friends, she was shunned. With love from her parents and support from her school, Chelsea finds her way into a new found friendship with Ella!
This book is about Chelsea’s triumphs and how she learns to adapt mentally while being challenged with her physical limitations.

Here’s what makes this book special:

  • Each line is both in English and French
  • The stories are simple and suitable for children’s mental wellbeing
  • Helps children learn the concepts of problem-solving, cooperation, and teamwork.
  • All the illustrations are original and creative in nature

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About the Author


Let me start by saying thank you for visiting my Author Page and your interest in “Upward Ever: Chelsea’s Way to Freedom.”

I still remember when I was growing up some of the distinct challenges and encounters I experienced as I tried navigating my way around situations at school and in my personal life. I assure you not everything was easy to talk about.

Today, as I look back on what I have accomplished in my professional life, I have learned that sharing my successes and adversities with family and true friends can make a world of difference in the decisions you make.

As an Author, I have chosen to write stories with a focus on children’s self-esteem, disability and mental wellbeing which young readers’ can easily connect with. Personally, this would be my way of providing inspiration, hope and encouragement to you.

Hopefully, Chelsea’s Way to Freedom brings a little inspiration and sparks some new found hope to a child in your family or community!

You can also visit me at: www.UpwardEver.ca to learn more.


Annette Dhanasar, Author & Coach

Top reviews

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Interesting and motivational story by the author. Great opportunity for new beginners learning French as a second language. Looking forward to other releases by the author.
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Great book. Would recommend.
Storytime with Ms. Hill
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This is a chapter book whose main character is differently abled and is supported by the love of her family. It is written in both English and French. The illustrations are very similar to that of anime. Each chapter ends by teaching an overall lesson.