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Vantage Point

Five Perspectives To Live A Better Story

Are you living, but not truly alive? Yearning for a deeper purpose yet uncertain where to begin? Dive into “Vantage Point,” where life’s big questions find profound answers. Through personal tales and hard-earned insights from years of professional exploration, Dan bridges the gap between doubt and clarity. “Vantage Point” presents five illuminating angles to reshape your life.
Within these pages, Dan empowers you to:
=> Reflect on where you stand and envision where you want to be.
=> Rediscover your purpose and potential.
=> Gain unparalleled clarity to catalyze significant life shifts.
=> Craft a purpose-driven road map to infuse joy and meaning into every day.
If your life has lost its meaning and become mundane and routine, or if you’ve lost your way, and you want to regain clear direction, and live with purpose, then Vantage Point is for you.
Dive in and begin to live a better story.

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Vantage Point

Five Perspectives To Live A Better Story

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About The Author

Dab Barber

Born into a middle-class family in Brantford, ON, Dan’s life journey has been anything but ordinary. From a wayward teenager to a holder of a Master of Divinity degree, he’s worn many hats—including therapist, pastor, and entrepreneur. His personal journey of unexpected parenthood led him to author “Unplanned Parenthood: How to Successfully Raise the Children You Didn’t Ask For.” Throughout his career, Dan has devoted himself to helping others reach their potential in their marriages, families, business and personal lives. He alongside his wife, Kathy, daughter Megan and son-in-law, Jason. run a chocolate factory in Barrie, ON,

A doting grandpa to Millie and Arthur, sports enthusiast, and passionate life coach, Dan believes in helping others discover their life’s purpose. His wisdom, derived from a vibrant life of ups and downs, illuminates the everyday challenges we all face.

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1. What Inspired You to Write This Book?

A. Originally, the Bourne movies in the early 2000’s inspired the ideas of the book, but what motivated me to write the book was my desire to create something that would help my typical coaching client who is asking questions about how to reach their potential, or make significant shifts in their lives so they can live with more meaning and purpose.

2. What will your readers gain from your book?

A. My readers will be challenged to think about their lives and consider the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be. They will be introduced to 5 perspectives that when taken together will give them clarity about who they are and where they want to go in their lives, providing actionable steps to take to help them realize their new goals.

3. What was your unique quotient for this project?

A. I write like I talk but because I can’t sit and have a conversation with everyone over a coffee, Vantage Point encapsulates much of what I would want to share with anyone asking life’s big questions, such as Who am I or Why am I here? Sometimes people need a third party, a fresh set of eyes and ears then provide solid inspiration and direction to help them achieve all they hope for. I hope to provide that in Vantage Point. 

4. How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

A. Becoming an author has given me an additional resource to support my clients through the coaching process. It has helped to expand the ways I can connect with my clients. Becoming an author also gives me more authority in my field which leads to more opportunities to share my message. 

5. What are your future plans as an author?

A. My goals include adding an audio book and writing an additional reading resource for my book, maybe a workbook or daily reader or devotional. I anticipate taking more speaking engagements and simply having more conversations about what it means to live a better story. I hope to grow my coaching business as I create products and services tailored around Vantage Point and the specific needs of my clients.