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Who Did This?

In a quaint neighborhood, sisters Zoe and Amber are all set for a weekend of fun, only to be thrust into a series of household mishaps and garden mysteries.
From broken vases to mysteriously nibbled sunflower shoots, the girls embark on a journey of discovery and responsibility. As they seek answers and make amends, they find that the magic of growth isn’t just about plants.
Dive into this heartwarming tale of family, nature, and the simple joys of childhood – where every challenge is a lesson and every day an adventure.

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Who Did This?

About The Author

” Who Did This?” is my first published book, and it’s very exciting to see it completed. Now I’m looking forward to completing some more books in a timely manner. Writing has always been one of my favorite activities, since I was in elementary school. However, I recently added gardening and observing wildlife in my neighborhood to my list of leisure activities.

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1. What Inspired You to Write This Book?

Ans.  I spend a lot of time in my garden.   It’s the thing that I do most of right now.  It’s a great stress reliever and I most time gain instant gratification.  Nature provides a great source of information. I did not set out to write a children’s BOOK, but going over some of the things I had observed in backyard gardens, I decided it would be the best way to launch myself as a published writer.

2. What will your readers gain from your book?

Ans:  hopefully, the lesson is that sisters still look out for each other, and that we can be amazed by the things we learn if we are willing to let go of some of our pre-conceived perceptions.  For example in the story, not an actual person was intent on destroying their plants.   Just hungry rabbits.   And I guess the bigger lesson is empathy.

3. What was your unique quotient for this project?

Ans: Unique quotient: The setting of the story is based in the girls’ home. Each person is valued, and they work together to resolve problems. The girls are encouraged by their mom to take part in activities at home as well to find solutions to issues as they arise.   For example, A way to protect their plants while the wild life navigates their neighborhood in search of food.  The mom also encourages Amber to not delay speaking up when things go wrong. The older sister Zoe is responsible as well as respectful to her sister.   Allowing her to take ownership for owning up to their mom, instead of “telling on her.”  Zoe also worked with her sister to solve the mystery of the damaged plants.
Life Lesson:  In life situations happen that we might not be able to fix (broken vase, will never be the same again).  A damaged plant given time will heal and send out new growth as good as new.  Making amends for things that have gone wrong involves sincerity, forgiveness, and patience.

4. How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

Ans: Setting out to write a book is different from making journal entries and even writing, stories for your personal expression. I guess once I  stepped out and say I am a published author the door is open for me to see what’s on the other side. I must admit, seeing “the book,” right out there on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles gave me such joy. I was extremely excited that I had done this, written a book. Thanks to Global Book Publishing for keeping me Focus to complete the task.

5. What are your future plans as an author?

Ans:  I would love to publish some more children’s book as well as some poems I have written way, way back in my teens.   The ideas are there, some are on paper some just floating around in my brain, under things to do one day when I get the time.