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Wounds of Betrayal

Amidst the tumult of infidelity and psychological abuse, Bailey grapples with the harsh reality of a scorned marriage. Betrayal’s crashing waves leave her breathless, prompting a realization: she must set vital boundaries, breaking free from his control. Embracing the role of her own protagonist, she draws strength from her children, supportive friends, and the shared experiences of countless women in the shadows.

In the storm, seeking solace from therapists and kindred spirits, her narrative becomes a guiding light for those facing similar struggles. Woven with a stream of consciousness, her tale resonates with both despair and the promise of resilience. Through didactic threads, she offers a path to self-reclamation amid chaos. Can her journey through the stormy seas of a scorned marriage illuminate a way forward for others seeking healing?

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Wounds of Betrayal

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About The Author

Bailey is a natural leader, self-disciplined with determination and resilience. Having weathered the storms of an abusive marriage, infidelity, separation, and divorce, Bailey’s journey is a testament to her unwavering strength and grace.

Bailey’s professional journey spans over 25 years in healthcare, reflecting her commitment to perseverance and dedication. Raised in North Carolina, she embraced Christianity as a teenager, fostering a deep and evolving relationship with God that guides her through life’s challenges.

As a mother to two adult children, Bailey draws inspiration from her family, attributing a renewed sense of purpose to the transformative experience of motherhood. Her passion to share her story emerged as a calling she couldn’t ignore, persistently nudged by God’s guidance.

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1. What Inspired You to Write This Book?

My journey was so difficult and challenging and my faith was the backbone of my survival. I felt a calling
to write it down for others to read and maybe learn from my mistakes or just to know they were not
alone. God knew it would be difficult for me to do but that I needed to do it for part of my healing
process and forgiveness. He was right!

2. What will your readers gain from your book?

I think depending on where the readers are coming from they can all take away something. If they are
the woman in the journey, I believe they will find comfort knowing others experience these difficult days
and that they are not alone in their struggles. They will hopefully find a path of healing through my
words to know that brighter days are ahead. For the family members reading they can hopefully take a
perspective that can help support their loved one experiencing a difficult marriage or going through a
separation and divorce. For those reading to support my work, I believe the realization of the struggles
faced behind closed doors can help those individuals to gain a sympathetic or empathetic point of view
and not be quick to judge the circumstance a woman may be in.

3. What was your unique quotient for this project?

I needed to share my story, I needed others to know they are not alone and healing is possible. I want to
share my Christian Faith with others so they may to know what it is to have real hope and experience
true joy in knowing Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

4. How did becoming an author help in your brand/business?

There is definitely something special about adding author to my list of accomplishments! The
recognition and just knowing I can always achieve more is great motivation to create paths and
opportunities for myself. The inspiration and support that I have received from so many people has
been very inspirational.

5. What are your future plans as an author?

I have decided to start working on my next book. Once I completed my first book, I realized the power
that comes from sharing your personal journey. My hope is that I will continue to be fueled by this
healing power of writing and the sky is the limit!