It’s YOU that Matters!!

Well! I was reading through Derek Sivers articles and stumbled upon this profound statement… “What’s Obvious To You Is Amazing For Others!!” It got me into thinking…

Have you ever experienced someone’s work of art, their speech or their expertise on a subject, and told yourself that “I never would have thought of that. How do they even come up with that? It’s genius!”

You are not alone… I often get the same feeling before going for my workshops and webinars. But, you know what I have noticed every time I finished discussing a topic?? It may be obvious and easy for us but the same content is for sure going to amaze others.

You don’t believe me? Well, try this with anyone sitting beside you (your friends, partner, or your child). Pick up any topic that you think is so obvious and you think everyone would know about it… Talk about it to the person sitting next to you. I am sure you will amaze them with the information you might have.

So, this is how it works… It’s not the information that connects you to the other human being, It’s YOU… People connect with YOU… Your clients and customers want to have the feeling of learning and knowing from YOU. People will work with you, buy from you, and invest in you.

YOU are the unique factor here, not your information, not your expertise but YOU…